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Air Jordan 4 Retro "Pure Money" HD out of box view: below Air Jordan 4 Retro "Pure Money" for other years for reference the specific information on the sale of shoes, please poke me APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! & nbsp; last weekend, X sent me a link in WeChat, look at the title "Nike Air Zoom Generation may be engraved in 2017, he said:" I know you love the shoes, you must see. & nbsp; for today, the protagonist of the story is that X. & nbsp; X and I have been friends for ten years, ten years ago, because we all love basketball from classmates became good friends, because we have love with a girl fight, but also because of courageous played with others. At that time I was just wearing basketball shoes lengtouqing, and X to play basketball shoes rarely wear personal independence of conduct. & nbsp; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Reebok Icecream, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico66 and a bunch of I can't name tennis shoes, anyway, as long as not wearing basketball shoes, X. I was also love this pair of "ice cream" for a long time though, a good X when there are still a lot of high-end basketball shoes, what impressed me most is the ART Pump Thunder should be Reebok. & nbsp; this pair of shoes bought from after he has been in the school, the key school basketball match he put on. To three, the inflation valve two feet have been broken. Why would I know? Because it became the common property of the class of boys, but only when I wear will cherish. Our those are not thrown in the school from university to work, X shoes are often replaced, he is willing to try new brands and technology. When UA first entered the China also he put on No one shows any interest in, a pair of strange color training shoes, a period of time not to see that his home and there are a lot of strange and eccentric shoes. & nbsp; until a year ago, because of a promise I made to catch up with Air Jordan X. & nbsp; the thing is, we have a birthday month, so start from the University, we will develop a birthday to send each other shoes tradition, also only OLE category. 15 years before the evening, X to my house, a large party of our project is to keep browsing some of Taobao's old shoes shop, a passing addiction for memories. really eager to wear a A3 and the day to see a shop selling X size Air Jordan 13 "Wheat", the transient time X said it was on off the reel, junior high school, because playing basketball bought more comfortable Adidas A3 Superstar Ultra, from the "Miss wheat 13"! & nbsp; his heart, I comforted him the shoes now bought didn't wear. He said this is a dream, bought also don't wear, put, look happy. don't want to see it getting old heard this, I said you birthday this year.The end of the with the star game week after many future stars shine gradually, the first time to participate in the pioneer rookie? Damian Lillard got everyone's attention, in the championship in the skills challenge for the title and he may become the next rookie momentum pulled a lot. Adidas noticed a star of the future, now offers the opportunity to love his fans exclusive design styles for him, finally won the winner will see? Damian Lillard in your design style of play, you'll get your shoes! Damian Lillard will elect two lucky winners on Friday and wish you all luck! step 1) login to miadidas and design a Adidas Rose 3.5 color for Damian Lillard. step 2) when you have finished the design, click the "Share" Share button, and upload to Damian tweet (@Dame_Lillard) and @adidasHoops, and finally don't forget to label #LillardKicks. source: solecollector after the pop diva Rihanna, international supermodel Cara Delevingne, Kylie Jenner, the new generation of American goddess and music soul magic The Weeknd, PUMA recently announced the 2017 China brand spokesperson with All-Star lineup, with five kinds of attitude, the five perspectives and five completely different interpretation of the way, show the "Forever Faster PUMA" the core spirit of man series by Yang Yang, Liu Haoran, Li is the leader; women's series by international supermodel Liu Wen and Zhang Yuqi charm deduction, this year opened PUMA retro fashion movement. PUMA in this wave of 2017 new year new image advertising, combined with the five China spokesperson engraved classic T7 PUMA wearing a sports jacket and Suede retro shoes with different styles to the trend of retro tribute. Suede and T7 series PUMA, after a succinct time and the stack, in good spirit and with details, in the contemporary view of deconstruction, reconstruction, design a fascinating movement tr cheap air jordans online end of retro series, find everything fresh and new. classic shoes for 70 - Suede Classic PUMA Suede is one of representative in 70s shoes, is to create the legendary street culture, since its launch in 1968 not only drives the basketball shoe trend, more affected the Hip-Hop street art was budding. After cross-border integration with different fields, Suede has more than 100 colors so far. Has been popular for nearly 50 years since its advent, and this season's PUMA Suede Classic+ continues its consistent high quality style, with suede uppers and retro colors fully displaying the street styles of 60 and 70s. the 60 culture of the times necessary - T7 sports jacket in the 60's, hip hop, reggae music become fashionable for a time and culture for inspiration, combined with street pop culture, PUMA T7 sports jacket name T from Track Jacket (English sport coat and 7), for extending from the shoulder to the sleeve of the bar, bar the iconic part is started from the shoulder width 7 cm. And this comes from a 70s trend for innovation and improvement in the change of the times, in this year's spring and summer classic T7 full color to red, black, Navy, etc. These retro feeling, again the strong sense of nostalgia, the continuation of the classic while retaining the original spirit and connotation of the. for Damian Lillard, next season is definitely ability the most important moment of the reason for the team to support the overall reshuffling, only Lillard. In his mind, the home is absolutely about his biggest encouragement, grew up in Oakland grew in the background also give Adidas design inspiration, and put it in the D Lillard 1, the latest is the clothing brand Oaklandish cooperation local style. 's work is well done in detail, with suede, leather, and TechFit three different materials put together to make sense of layering. In addition to the tongue and insole Oaklandish logo, more add gesture pattern Lillard. The bottom is placed in the Oaklandish brand slogan 'all gas no brakes'. Oaklandish x adidas D Lillard 1 has been listed in abroad, priced at $105 U. S. dollars. source: Sneakernews on the Internet recently disclosed by Air? Jordan XX9 and Air Jordan of North Carolina blue? 11 "Pantone" color which suits and labels have special shoe shoes together with official exposure, for this package named "Ultimate? Gift of Flight, priced $500 at the end of the year. At the appointed place selling limited. news source: HK Kicks, as the Rio games are drawing near, is a sign of old shoes and new shoes that can be seen in memorial colors. The recent Nike LunarEpic Low Flyknit launched a new color, gradient mixed with cotton shoes to look at pretty fun, this is the Nike on the Flyknit continued progress, but this color represents Brazil's rich ecological diversity and landscape, with green fluorescent pink a lively atmosphere. If you have tried Nike LunarEpic shoes are the same with friends more or less should be small in the bottom of the foot some stunning laser cutting, but also expect to see more special color debut. this pair of shoes is expected in August 4th officially debut, but if there is a shoe prospecting in New York, may wish to look at KITH, because they have to sell! source: EU Kicks since 2011, Adidas published Crazylight, this series of shoes will become the new direction for the brand of basketball shoes to pursue, but also make a lot of top basketball shoes expect players have new hope. After breaking through the shoe weight limits at each shoe factory, first lowered the weight to 9.8 ounces under 10 ounces (about 277.7 grams a foot). Undoubtedly, the sneaker is a great progress, thanks to SprintWeb and SprintFrame in the upper chassis adjustment for the first completion of the product, they are filled with joy, but in the next second, third generation adjustment but can not find the other as the first generation, the introduction of a new glasses break you. but after the launch of Crazylight Boost 2015 in 2015, they have rediscovered the feelings they brought to us four years ago, and they have made greater progress in both actual demand and aesthetic appeal. Vamp uses Primeknit, make the design flexibility and the appearance of a more flexible, in addition to the launch of the Boost configuration for the first time last year as they improved, more comfortable also provide better protection. To learn more about Crazylight Boost 2015, we've come up with designer Robbie Fuller, who designed and planned this series from 2011, and asked him to talk more about these shoes. (visitor for Nice Kicks director Nick DePaula, respondents for Robbie Fuller. ) from the beginning, you managed to reduce the weight of the shoes and reduce the weight to an unprecedented level, but it seems that in recent years you have adjusted too. Can you talk about these changes? indeed, at the beginning we dedicated to the pursuit of light weight on the peak, but with the new technology development and application, we can see that the new technology provides better wearing experience, if not the light, but it gives better support and feedback. John Wall once said, "this is not the pursuit of" light ", but the re positioning of shoes on a" correct "weight. "I think this is the biggest difference between the shoes and the previous ones.". In the latest Crazylight Boost 2015, has been combined with the lightweight Primeknit and comfort, and be adjusted in Boost, it still represents the previous Crazylight series the pursuit of the goal is the same, but we can continue to better realm, hope that Boost can provide the maximum energy feedback. series of Crazylight last year to improve, this seems to be in charge of shoes Boost use more thoroughly, this year in addition to the heel can be.Strong self style as endorsement star Dennis Rodman published in 1996, the personal independence of conduct, by designer Eric Avar Air Shake Ndestrukt the whole Caodao lacing system moved to the inside, and on the big Swoosh Logo in the main position of upper seam, and out of the ordinary explicit appearance fully reflect the bug, even in 90s, the contention of a hundred schools of thought in the classical period still so dazzling, so many fans of shoes, it's hard to forget. Last month was engraved news, these days there are real shoes exposure, as mentioned before, there will be the main road version now return, details and original style compared with a slightly different version, like black and white shoes on the word AIR is the original black and white, it is white black, while Swoosh Logo from the upper black white hook into white appearance, but after a lapse of more than hope to return it at the end of the year, I believe there are a lot of prospecting shoe inside the ready to start? Air Shake Ndestrukt is expected to be listed next year, the date and price of the detailed sale is yet to be announced. source: US11 / Sole Collector has made its debut since 2013, and Adidas BOOST technology has added new features to its shoes, redefining the way sneakers are worn. In 2014 the first PureBOOST season ushered in a new wave of evolution, in addition to continue to use the full palm bottom configuration Boost corrosion epicenter, shoes are Primeknit to create new texture and "sideways three lines" dark stripe design show, and special hierarchy is the key to the change of tongue, reference design YEEZY BOOST, ownership adjustment, activities space for different types of foot, heel is equipped with Dynamic Heel Fit enhanced support System outsole used StretchWeb structure, regardless of appearance or feeling are attractive enough. new adidas PureBOOST America has been offering the first color, the other color will be from February 1st onwards after listing, Taiwan is also planning to sell, we will open subsequent further news to share with everyone. source: Hypebeast : the excessive growth of production costs may offset the superiority of labor productivity. If Chinese enterprises want to gain "discourse power", they can only go upstream of the industrial chain and acquire their own brands and R & D capability. "There is no doubt that the difficulty will be greater than any previous industrial upgrading in china." "It will be a breathtaking leap made in China," said Ding Li, a research scientist at the Guangdong Academy of social sciences" according to the first financial report of 18, arrived in Hawaii for 2 months of the new immigrant Catherina Yim beam (Michelle Leung)? Soon developed a and many local residents the same habits: the weekly 30 minute drive to the outskirts of the supermarket shopping spree. She dragged back in large plastic bag and kraft paper bag, tableware, towels, toilet paper, clothes, food and condiment mounds, these things always have a label in dangling: "China manufacturing" (madeinChina). : talking about several big supermarkets in Hawaii where she has been, Catherina Yim Liang told the first financial daily. "Almost what you can see, what you can think of, 90%, are made in China"." however, when the "China manufacturing" high quality and inexpensive stormed around the world, also contained the crisis in the invisible, the weaknesses of their own existence, also influence the international trade environment changes. "made in China" soft underbelly Chinese toys accounted for 70% of global output, footwear products accounted for about 50% of global output accounted for 45% of global output, color TV, air conditioning accounted for 30% of global output, the textile and garment trade accounted for 24% of the world, etc.. In many industries, China ranks among the world's largest producers and largest exporters. this is overwhelming "Chinese manufacturing", is a common mode of production: the use of its comparative advantages in low cost by the international enterprise commissioned production, as follows: American and Japanese European international brands (or large retailers) set technical standards and send orders to different countries and regions in accordance with the principle of efficiency; Japan, Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other places of enterprises to become the order of the first undertaking. R & D, innovation, and some production processes are kept in the area (ODM, formerly)The yellow, red and green, American popular singer Pharrell Williams's with Adidas released with the fourth NMD Human Race. This is the popular shoes Adidas NMD introduced a new design, in the bottom frame integrated block and flanks, while also providing the design to act as a go-between shoes, uppers still use Primeknit woven material made of HUMAN and RACE, the embroidery is particularly eye-catching, the carrying signs of Boost corrosion epicenter bottom end. blue-pharrell-adidas-nmd-human-race.jpg (252.51 KB, download number: 3) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race Blue 2016-8-7 08:57 upload blue-pharrell-adidas-nmd-human-race-1.jpg (241.75 KB, download number: 0) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race Blue 2016-8-7 08:57 upload blue-pharrell-adidas-nmd-human-race-3.jpg (220.66 KB, download number: 0) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race Blue 2016-8-7 08:57 upload blue-pharrell-adidas-nmd-human-race-2.jpg (341.39 KB, download number: 0) download Pharrell Williams x adidas NMD Human Race Blue 2016-8-7 08:57 upload blue-pharrell-adidas-nmd-human-race-5.jpg (640.54 KB, download number: 0) download 0 last year, Philadelphia shoe shop Ubiq bring and ASICs together to create the Gel Lyte V "midnight bloom", cherry blossoms in full bloom of romantic feelings still in the head, overwhelmed by the two and bring new works. Earlier have previewed this Ubiq x ASICs Gel Lyte V "hazard", today send details of the picture, fluorescent green color is quite brisk is to build a Gore Tex waterproof material, the performance is more superior. It is reported that the color will be officially on sale in January 24th, priced at $160. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: UBIQnike-kyrie-2-cavs-orange-blue-1.jpg (57.32 KB, download times: 15) download attachment Nike Kyrie 2 Hardwood ClassicsUpload 09:34 2016-12-10 Bring the two Zebra color item: BY3013 release date: August 17th adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013.jpg (286.5 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-1.jpg (327.72 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-2.jpg (329.23 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-3.jpg (261.05 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website Upload 07:54 2017-7-20 adidas-nmd-r1-zebra-by3013-4.jpg (155.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas NMD R1 Zebra series landing official website 2017-7-2〉bows-arrows-x-vans-vault-acid-test-sneaker-01.jpg (75.69 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2013-12-24 upload at 11:15 earlier have been introduced, the famous California shop Bows & Arrows Vans and legendary skateboard shoes brand to bring a new design of Vans Vault branded shoes, a named "Have a Nice Trip" and create the film, will officially bring joint shoes fine pictures. This is called "Acid Test" shoes at Vans's classic Era as the prototype, the designer from Bows & Arrows's Berkeley Telegraph Avenue as inspiration, and integrated into a retro psychedelic color in which the gray and white canvas shoes which, overall covered with irregular black stripes, and equipped with black leather lining, white rubber soles, and insoles on both sides of the logo show. The "Acid Test" Era will be available exclusively at Bows &, Arrows stores and online stores on December 28th, and friends who are interested may pay more attention to it. bows-arrows-x-vans-vault-acid-test-sneaker-02.jpg (93.57 KB, download times: 1) download attachment 2013-12-24 upload 00 at 11:15 item: CG5108 adidas-harden-ls-sweet-life-release-date.jpg (190.11 KB, download times: 0) download attachment adidas James Harden LS Sweet Life sale reminder 2017-7-19 07:57 〉converse-first-string-chuck-taylor-all-star-christmas-pack-1.jpg (167.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-20 11:04 upload with coming of Christmas, the famous sports brand Converse's high-end First String extension Converse recently also launched a new "Christmas" don't note series, to add luster to the festive atmosphere. This series contains a total of two colors, with the classic Chuck Taylor All Star as the prototype of. The high version of the "Santa Red" color to Santa Claus for inspiration to, and the red canvas shoes with uppers of the classic brand, Logo, and white rubber outsole; while the low version of "Amazon Green" for color in the symbol of Christmas tree green tone, and equipped with the classic white will show great bottom. converse-first-string-chuck-taylor-all-star-christmas-pack-2.jpg (208.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-20 11:04 upload converse-first-string-chuck-taylor-all-star-christmas-pack-3.jpg (130.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-20 11:04 upload converse-first-string-chuck-taylor-all-star-christmas-pack-4.jpg (128.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-20 11:04 upload converse-first-string-chuck-taylor-all-star-christmas-pack-5.jpg (157.8 KB, download number: 0) R0.jpg (251.04 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-4 15:20 upload It will also show the 1.jpg (339.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-4 15:20 upload 2.jpg (400.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-4 upload 15:20 3.jpg (279.5 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-4 15:20 upload 4.jpg (517.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-1-4 15:20 uploadJordan Brand also seems to be quiet for a long time to start acting, engraved message earlier Air officially released Jordan 5 "Cement", in addition to collocation breathable mesh phase to create superior white leather uppers collocation use, including blue classic color soles, red tongue lining, gray ink in the bottom so this has a return. is currently priced at $190 and is expected to be available on August 5th. Air Jordan 5 Gold motion field 5 Olympic gold medal in men's basketball shoes 136027-133 $1299 to buy test you are not a loyal Vans fans in the best way, of course, is to see if you are # every day wear Vans# oh! From now until August 31st, Vans lovers will bring? # wore Vans# theme. Will you wore Vans shoes to shoot down, use # every day wear Vans# topic posted on the Sina micro-blog, Nice, and @Vans enthusiasts circle we can participate in activities! can persist as long as the # wore Vans#, as long as you can picture good da, as long as you can play your creativity, you will have the opportunity to enter our activities, with the WeChat pushed to the Vans fans. We will be at the end of the month were selected from active in amateur, out of this month's new Vans shoes and other super souvenirs. time: from now until August 31st participation: Daily photographed wearing Vans shoes, released in Sina micro-blog or Nice, use # every day wear Vans# topic and @Vans enthusiasts prizes: this month's new Vans shoes and other souvenirs around Vans evaluation criteria: adhere to the beautiful and creative photos, note: please cherish the people the fruits of labor, such as theft of photos to participate in activities, will be pulled into the black list, always prohibited from participating in any activity organized by Vans lovers * * * * *You can like @ cookies sister _Cookie, deals ten thousand damage to a single Dog can also be like @ wants to go to the north pole for a haircut, show a person's chic You can be like @Robin_Dong6246, showing carved traditional architectural beauty You can be like @Vansfans_EasonHe, Po gives you the most high-end can also be like @ Sun Wubo, don't shoot the body will be less than the classic beauty of evergreen paragraph You can like @ nine wwww, a street the most cool equipment can be like @0872, show their faith WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! 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