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1. Adidas YEEZY Boost 750 ?C 1500 ($1701 USD) 3. Adidas - NMD at 300 ($340 USD) 4. Nike Air Max PRM Safari ($340 USD) - the 300 6. Jordan - 11LAB4 at 250 ($283 USD) 8. Nike x ACRONYM Air Force 1 the 200 - ($227 USD) 8. Nike Free Flyknit Mercurial CR7 ($227 USD) - the 200 ; [network] October 22, 2013 Adidas shoes, "fluorescent series" football boots illuminate the Champions League, this innovation can capture and reflect the stadium floodlights and camera flashes of light, so as to deter other defensive players. This is the first time that reflective technology has appeared in the world's top soccer arena, and Adidas continues to lead cutting-edge soccer shoe technology to a higher level. in the upcoming tomorrow morning and tomorrow morning (Beijing time on October 23rd and 24) kicked off a new round of the Champions League, the top players in Europe for the first time wearing reflective shoes debut. Adidas launched adizero in 2012 in the United States; Smoke Spotlight boots, this is the first time Adidas reflective technology in football shoes. the NGA goblin chamber of Commerce, the author: Nan ah against The four series of manufacturing equipment from the orange, green character attributes. To determine the effects of PTR back, now have a way to get the. For specific reasons, also known as the wild orange. The main stage 7.2 of the broken coast is very small, so the union tribes ample opportunities to increase, make the orange dress like a good use of these manufacturing. The four series of manufacturing drawings c Cheap air jordans for sale an be orange loaded in the professional trainer at the corresponding direct purchase of learning, 250G need 800 points full of professional skills. so the drawing is not a problem, the problem is that there is a corresponding manufacturing orange orange props, the props to complete the task. also need another orange items called void debris essence, this article takes 2000 pieces of vanity. note: at present about the task to the props are consumables or there has been. About whether the task can be repeated, repeated CD is temporarily unknown. The equipment after binding, do it can be sold. and the four Department of manufacturing industry with the same initial task orange! Fashion history and popular philosophy. The initial task in the new camp broken coast NPC redemption sentry Elliot Zal · to collect the hammer. plate The effect of the inexhaustible courage (BOE) material: the forgotten hero of the hammer, void debris essence, Sargeras blood 65, evil ingot 125. ! Four hammer legend feet man, before we should be honest. Are you a blacksmith this is a noble profession. Because of my values and fashion. Heavy armor and heavy weapons to make heroes seem very heavy, so I think they are in any case should reduce the clothes on the body. I can give you some life experience to get better materials. to find one of my brothers Dalaran translation and 3 forgotten heroes of the book. We will find the best metal forgotten! ! Ancient armor is not only a hammer, I made a careful study of what we need, male feet. We also need very high quality of the ancient metal to create man jordan shoes online sale y final good hammer! Some enemies wearing armor broken coast can be collected just ancient evil steel. To combat evil and collect enough steel. ! God of war God of war to fight a mortal, because he saw the God of human oppression and humiliation. The legend of God are afraid of God, but he was defeated. My investigation found that he is the God of storm bucket Fjord gods. In particular, odin! God 's shield has been a lot of damage caused by lightning and charged into a white iron. The God of death, Odin put his shields melted into a trophy. To get the white electric steel and put it into the Warhammer casting. ! Dragon Hunter " dribble in action series, skills and get tick ing when you have a very good dribbling based support, all off the dribble action learning help you break, breakthrough and the starting skills such as various flexible selectivity, master the more, you face various types of defender the more handy! Source: NBAremember the world's four largest jogging shoes brand? Asics, Saucony, Balance New and Brooks. Among them, new balance retro running shoes already become street shoes (of course the Nb professional jogging shoes is the brand among the four big foundation, but apparently professional shoes visibility to much lower); asics running shoes king, at home also stationed in, in the running in the circle of awareness is relatively high, SAUCONY although there has pulled out of the domestic market, but at least several years ago has test the Chinese mainland; so now from the point of view, Brooks is only one has not set foot in the market of China's four big. but Brooks cheap air jordans online most Chinese consumers are familiar with the kind of brand logo, with a number of domestic brands of sports brand similarity is very high, it is easy to make people misunderstand. But in fact, Brooks has 100 years of history, in 1914 was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, symbol of the brand is "an endless stretch of road, a symbol of running towards the victory of the road", to encourage people to actively participate in running, want runner runs longer, farther, faster, because every "steps" are with different meanings, so attention to development, innovation every a jogging device. 1975 years, Brooks pioneered the use of EVA material at the end of Hydro Flow patented technology design flow shock absorber early in 1975, Brooks will be the first to use EVA material in the bottom has now become the industry standard), and subsequently developed DRB arch stable technology and hydro flow patent flow design of shock absorber technology. Until 1992, Brooks launched the industry's most famous stable shoes of jogging shoes Brooks beast, running in the name of the beast, for the flat feet and weight to provide delicate protection. control a top running shoes R & D and production is time-consuming and laborious, for people and no supported moderate shock shoes of the crowd to use, so many sports and manufacturers will give up this type of running shoes, or hastily. And Brooks will make Beast continuous improvement, this series has been developed to the twelfth generation of mature. in science and technology, not necessarily lack headed full palm DNA wisdom suspension technology, in accordance jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black with the runner's body weight, running foot pressure and adjustment degree of shock absorber of intelligent suspension system. for a control running shoes, the most important or stability performance. Brooks beast 12 at the medial arch with the PDRB advanced arch stability slice -- three density PDRB sustainable control of walking are generated when the excessive varus and give foot gait posture more smoothly. In addition to the two shock and 〉days ago in London menswear Week held Cottweiller 2016 spring and summer series conference in addition to create garments, we also see the Nike to show you the new Nike Free Huarache will return "Carnivore" shoes, which is following the 1993 Air Carnivore the shoe silhouette. As the name suggests, in the design of general Nike Huarache and is known as the "Jurassic Park" inspiration shoes combination of Air Carnivore shoes from the silhouette, show photos of the shoes seem to be detachable two parts, finally Nike collocation Free outsole as complete penetration, Nike logo shoes SP indicates that this pair of tongue part the design of the new shoes will be released by NikeLab. It is reported that the shoes this summer is expected to be officially added in addition to the white version of the exposure then there will be a black version, priced at 18000 yen, interested friends must pay attention to the days after the sale report. Representative built by Tinker Hatfield in 1991 Nike Air Mowabb is the functional shoes in the works, based on similar Air Huarache shoes on, Tinker took in heightening design extension boots, insole and outsole jordan 3 katrina 2018 thickening, and give it a classic New York Nicks orange and blue color, named COMPLEX the 25 pair of Nike ACG shoes in the top, is enough to prove that this pair of shoes originality. Authentic Nike Air Mowabb OG engraved shoes can now be purchased through Sneaker, Politics and other agents shop, priced $180 U.S. dollars.Air Jordan 5 Low Retro GG Taiwan (4/9) officially on sale tomorrow, type: 819172-122, NT$price of 4600 yuan, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 Reagan smile - Reagen sports is Heng sports dream era Nike SUPER STORE NANTEX source: Sneaker PoliticsIn response to the Breast Cancer Awareness WNBA, the players in the game have changed pink accessories, Swin Cash Nike LeBron PE is 11, hope to help the players through and publicity, we advocate the importance of the prevention of breast cancer. Hyperposite with a metallic sense sets off another shade of pink, and has recently been able to see the highly recognizable theme in various brands of shoes. source: Keez, On, Sportsadidas family adds force, full of sense of appearance streamline AlphaBOUNCE shoes are used FORGEDMESH material is integrally formed, as far as possible to reduce the use of suture splicing, allowing players to freely free from unnecessary interference, can keep the attention; this lightweight fabric has good elasticity, on the side of a specific area can see prismatic (or say the shark gills XD) stereo lines, in addition to add visual effect, in fact, is a real purpose, which is to join the development team through the design called Aramis motion capture technology to observe the foot after the operation, so that the inner space of the shoes can be appropriately extended and adjusted to cater to the runners of the feet when the pace of moving deformation. in the end is equipped with the BOUNCE technology by the EVA material by foaming method, if the Boost focuses on the feedback effect, the BOUNCE is suction felt obvious, can see its shadow in the adidas training, running shoes, tennis field, even recently gradually extended to all the more attention basket shoes (such as D 2, Lillard Light EM UP 2) have good evaluation, so even if the AlphaBOUNCE is not using non mainstream now Boost material, personally think it is still a new friend is worth a good understanding, it is understood that this series of the future will continue to evolve into different businesses, but also has rich vamp style changes, can look forward to luo. US region has been officially sold, other routes are scheduled for June 20th listing, priced at $100. Taiwan currently has no release message, we will have further information will be collected and shared with you. Adidas AlphaBOUNCE male Adidas AlphaBOUNCE female models source: Sole Collector / Sneaker News / adidasNew Balance women training shoe WX88, soft Q WX711 series debut, with exclusive Cush+ elastic bottom collocation function of U type heel pad increase shockproof elastic coping, female multiple training needs, whether jogging, fitness can enjoy the type of shoes, streamline design collocation printing or wild animal rose quartz powder, combined with the display with the United States, most perfect curve! New Balance tailored for women for aerobic exercise WX88 series of multifunctional training shoes, Cush + double deck with double bottom Cush+ fusion, DUO, double shock protection, followed by the density of U type support around the collocation design, soft shock with good supporting effect. Seamless support to help reduce weight and improve wearing uppers for comfort, indoor fitness side force control foot, forefoot cutting type outsole design, increase the flexibility of mobile, required to support multiple training grip, both run, tread and force movements can be light and elastic. This season specially selected 2016 representative color rose quartz powder, which is full of soft breath color to construct the exclusive female sports fashion. is suitable for fitness, jogging and multifunctional training a new generation of WX711, to meet the full range of needs of female soft cushioning and flexible elastic, with New Balance the most flexibility CUSH+ integral elastic bottom, strengthen the function of Pillow type Heel heel cushion, soft shock absorbing material to enhance feedback elastic rebound forefoot settled; bottom cutting increases the flexibility of displacement, upper anti mining stone design, choose the least suture and cut pieces, give comfort. This season marks are swept 2016 animal into the spring, the Wild Zebra into the body of the shoe design, classic black and white and blue green fresh present women just soft, neat collocation streamline shoe body, to sports fashion movement became every moment of record. New Balance WX88Model: WX88DW / suggested price: NT$2950 dealer sales announcement Momentum Yueh〈br a source: Solestop / Adidas Originals store TaipeiRussell Westbrook's first signature shoe launch of concern, the reason is that he was the birth of a new star signature series, but also because of its leisure oriented style is special, in addition to the previously introduced high-profile color outside the exposure is more suitable for everyday wear white color, the successor to the 11 generation of DNA and method of treatment vamp high texture, so that more people can recognize the unique taste of shoes by Russell Westbrook, listed only in some foreign stores at present. news source: wishatlIn the ? Also focus on another section of the actual quality low version when Hyperdunk Low news all over the place, compared with the high barrel version still maintained a low cylinder upper curve design of the shock absorber in the aspects of signs, will be more than the high tube a little change in, there will be many color in foreign outlets this year, while Taiwan said there is no detailed information available please continue to wait for further news. source: sneakernews?Nike LeBron 9 "Think Pink" version exposure 2013-12-08 22:19:38 Recently, the network exposed the pair of "Think Pink" against breast cancer version of the Nike LeBron 9, which Nike LeBron 9 overall use of the "Think Pink" version of representatives toner red, lace, Swoosh part using 3M reflective material, Kay Yow Pink Ribbon Logo is embroidered on the tongue.