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classic and classic can also spark a new collision, as Adidas Originals Moccasin and SL Loop's Runner binding and the birth of the new SL Loop Runner Moc this pair. Shoe body generally retains the SL loop runner signature contour, is made of high quality suede, and to the moc toe and shoe into the knitting element, supplemented by a white car line as the details, and then carry EVA bottom and non slip rubber presented at the end. At present, this pair of new SL Loop Runner Moc Adidas Originals has been available through the designated store purchase, pricing for $$90. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when", micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: HBAdidas Originals Samba white classic color shoes shoes - shoes [city] aspect still remember the classic football boots, after years of practice has been transformed into the feet of indispensable leisure shoes, so you mind shoes, not certain Samba, the adidas has worked as a brand of football shoes still by the Blitz, its nature is a classic color collocation, is still overwhelmed by the release of classic red and white as the main color, it is classic shoes many friends must pay for love, narrow dress friends love this retro style back still proudly followed, light foot feeling, enough to experience the shoe to high standard of material demands! At present, the shoes have been on sale, priced at 60 U.S. dollars, interested friends may wish to pay attention to. (Universal shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Chen editor) White Cement w jordans on sale mens hite cement can be regarded as Sneaker sneaker "veteran" color, fresh and unique personality, good visual tension, let it have in a number of shoes presents highlights. In front of the Air Jordan 5 "White Cement" has been officially on sale, landing Nike Chinese on official website! white shoes to ink in the bottom cement show, a black tongue is red with black and red color collocation with the atmosphere, should pay attention to this is still 3M reflective tongue! Since exposure high degree of concern, retro shoes into the classic color, effect on the feet of natural self-evident, love friends may wish to consider. The official website of the link: male models, female models number: 136027-104 release date: August 5th sale price: $1399 RMB/ $999RMBas Christmas is coming, many brands have begun to launch new theme as well as for friends and family gifts gifts, and ASICS Tiger recently joined them, create a new GEL-Lyte "Christmas" series. GEL-Lyte III and GEL-Lyte V two pairs of brand's popular shoes as blueprint, the male models were used to show olive green, shades of blue as the main colors, full of festive atmosphere of the red lining collocation, to highlight the theme. The girls version is more cleverly designed and presented with festive red and light blue through the falling details of snowflakes. At present, the new ASICS Tiger GEL-Lyte "Christmas" theme shoes money has now been by SNKRS brand designated shops for sale, in the Christmas before the official arrival, and quickly start a pair of bar. Japanese brand Hender Scheme through the re creation of classic traditional crafts, Jordan, Nike, Air paid tribute to Vans's design, Cheap foamposites for sale the usual nude luxury leather has become one of the signs of the day before Hender Scheme also features, released a new MIP 10 black shoes, bring a visual presentation. This time, Hender Scheme MIP 10 still Air Jordan IV inspired to build, with all black instead of the naked cortex, luxury texture without any reduction, but also as a milestone for the opening of 2016 New Year's election. It is reported that Hender Scheme MIP 10 black models will soon be landing UNITED ARROWS & SONS began to sell, interested friends may wish to pay more attention.Kobe VI allstar;." TITLE=" you are the star, star of the stars; Zoom Kobe VI allstar;." /〉 competed in the all star game for the thirteenth time. In 2011, the number of participants in the all star game came in third place. took part in the all star game for the first time in 1998 and began to play against Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant has never been absent again... today is in the all star game, the Lakers' home court Staples Center... The thirteenth team of Kobe, from the beginning, like playing chicken... ... about Kobe's performance on this All-Star... There are two very different versions..... Kobe fans believe that Kobe this time all star's performance is very great... But there are also some fans think, this is Kobe " too seriously; " attitude, make the all star game from the beginning to lose the original flavor of.. entertainment... , according to Kobe himself, the fans voted to see what they were doing, so he should take it seriously.... no matter what kind of opinion you are in... No way to change, Kobe has made great data in this all star game... 37 has 14 rebounds, which is the jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black highest score ever in the NBA all star game this year..... , the fourth all star MVP, has surpassed Jordan and O'neal in number, tied for the first place in NBA history.... 's overall score in the all star game, Kobe has more than a number of predecessors, rose to fourth in history,. Kobe today, is no longer 13 years ago. Jordan Michael singled out the teenager twenties... ... in front of James, Wade, Kobe, who has 5 championship rings, can look at everything in a low profile... This year's NBA competition is particularly fierce... Especially in the eastern powers, have 3 only have N giant.. team... old and solid Celtics, Miami heat loudest reputation and the recent New York Nicks team... Plus Western spurs again for the defending champion Lakers, which is destined to will be a cool season... 〉... production standards in recent years, with high quality, Japan was named " Common Visivm" visvim, its workmanship and detail than did the Japanese brand Terrem be roughly the same, in order to celebrate the arrival of 5th anniversary Terrem this year, especially in FULFILL shoes.It is reported that, from the picture, this is called "Wheat" new shoes exceptionally simple, natural temperament wheat color soft color collocation rose purple camp to create a clean and warm inside, and blue laces design also let shoes overall in vision have a certain sense of jumping. It is particularly worth mentioning that, the shoes in the design of shoe holes on the use of metal fittings, with the shoes of the wheat color also let shoes shine a different taste of the tooling! Don't miss your favorite friends. Editor's note ??????girls shox turbo 8 sl http www makin Retro jordans for sale gsenseofcents com 2013 09 how to pay off student loans fast html womens free run 4 0 pink Deadwood Bloomers SacredEmpire etsy shox turbo 8 sl http www makingsenseofcents" /〉 online store clothing philippines quot Chic amp Classy quot by uniqueimage on Polyvore champs jordans retro avocado dressing for taco salad girls shox turbo 8 sl http www makingsenseofcents com 2013 09 how to pay off student loans fast html & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Domestic News Wenzhou Customs released foreign trade data yesterday, in addition to last March, in January last year to January this year, an increase of Wenzhou footwear exports has been digits and even negative. But in February this year, the city swept away the doldrums footwear exports, an increase of more than 70 percent, mainly due to the city's shoe "machine substitutions." performance: Wenzhou shoe exports of 2.217 billion yuan in February, 1 to 2 months the city's import and export volume, 23.001 billion yuan, up 21.17%; 2 ??? gratifying footwear exports, exports 2.217 billion yuan, up 73.52%; related to the production of raw cow pony shoe imports from January to February there have rapid growth, imports of 311 million yuan, up 46.41%; affected by the overall economic environment, Wenzhou shoe export situation is grim last year, in January of this year, Wenzhou footwear exports to 2.936 billion yuan, down 10.48 percent. information from the shoe show in February this year the city's footwear exports growth year on year, mainly because of Wenzhou shoes in the foreign trade market to regain competitiveness. The reason: a large number of imported machinery, the implementat air jordan 11 space jam for sale ion of "machine Substitution" 1 ~ February the city's machinery and equipment, imports of 125 million yuan, up by 1.34 times; where the shoe-making equipment, the amount accounted for the bulk of imports, up 45.88%; textile machinery and equipment, imports increased, has increased significantly; Lucheng District Bureau of Commerce official said, after two years of "machine substitutions," the quality of Wenzhou shoe has been rapidly improving, and costs did not rise along with rising labor costs, which became Wenzhou shoe regain competitiveness an important reason for the force. "Last year, we invested a total of 18 million yuan for technological transformation." Pan Jianzhong, general manager of a group of giant revealed. Last year, the company invested three times the technological transformation of the funds in previous years, a lot of money for the purchase of the imported shoe-making equipment, the level of mechanization of the shoe company has reached about 30%, then they will increase investment, so The company reached the level of mechanization mechanized shoe western shoe-making enterprises. In a group of giant production workshop, the reporter saw a table of modern equipment in operation, while the workers according to the program on the computer in operation. According to the workers introduced, after the use of laser equipment designated materials, work results increased by 5 times. According to the statistics of a group of giant, three years ago, the company each year to recruit workers in 8000 to name, afraid to start after the Spring Festival every year to recruit enough workers, but this year only recruiting 5000, will soon recruit workers together. "laser equipment designated material, of varying quality case cut product does not exist, but also make shoes, style is more complicated." ????? he said. Upper fancy, punch, if the original hand-made, because different skill levels for each worker, there will be lots of different shoes, the quality is not the same, but some of the complex upper style can not artificially produced. Pan Jianzhong, said the company performed "machine substitutions," after more European and American customers find a home under orders, the company's orders have been arranged this year to October, the company has to prepare for next year's production. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Danby Merino fast fashion & nbsp; Four Seasons Bear shoes.)East View sports hole 2017 years, averaging 35.2 points, KD FMVP deserved. 2016, the first crown, back to Cleveland This for you award!! James or James who got the FMVP position, which is in existence since 2011 to verify the success of Iguodala law, law is the best law. 2014, Leonard James Limited Limited good offensive performance is also very good. 2012 James beat the young thunder three, led the heat won the Obrien cup, this is James's first championship trophy and FMVP. 2013, the heat beat the Spurs won two consecutive championships, James personal FMVP Lian Zhuang two. 2008, a leather team finally came to help, he and Allen Garnett, ray teamed up to win the championship, 2012, a veteran gathered in Dallas to do the final sprint for my dream. Kobe has led the two consecutive individual. Kobe finally proved himself, he led the team in the finals against the magic, winning the championship, also won her first FMVP trophy. 2007, that is the life of Parke peak, knights have no way for him. 2006, let Austria fat man hold the thigh, the peak of the flash only in the eyes of the basket. 2005, this is the lowest ratings in twenty-first Century finals, but is particularly fierce, two master of defense against the Spurs, finally had the last laugh, Duncan named FMVP. 2004, grassroots victory over the Lakers piston luxury F4, directly scattered opponent. For the piston, they all are soldiers, FMVP finally to their brain -- Billups. 2003, Duncan once again led the team to win the championship, he in the finals this year in the first field hit 32 points 20 rebounds and 6 assists 3 off the 7 cap epic data. 2002, OK victory over the nets won three consecutive championships, construct the dynasty, O'neal re elected FMVP. 2001, the pinnacle of the shark ruled both ends. The offensive end, he broke the defensive player Mutombo; defensive end, he limited the scoring of Iverson inside scoring. 2000, O'neal dreams finally won the championship, for the inside of the invincible big guy, FMVP is the best compliment. 1999, the debut Duncan led the team to win the top, and won the FMVP. a person can influence the two dynasties, but also there is no other rogue Joe 1996, the first time Jordan retired after the return to the stadium, and immediately led the bulls to win the championship. 1〉AIR JORDAN 9 can be regarded as Jordan is on behalf of shoes in a relatively unpopular section, the overall design of shoes simple, hidden in the soles of the mystery, and let more people around the world to pay attention to basketball this sport. So without further ado, we look at the internal structure of AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO JORDAN 9 RETRO AIR, to understand the appearance of friends here AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO 308370-112 2016 December 03, 1399RMB , James, ·, Johnson (James, Johnson), foot AIR, JORDAN 9, RETRO left foot cut from the middle left foot profile, front and rear palms are built with NIKE AIR air cushion, built with arches, TPU support plate, integrated midsole the arch TPU support plate is buried in the midsole, and the dots on the left are part of the cross section of the air cushion, separate the vamp from the take out the inside boot back of inner boot black insole, followed by retro SWOOSH LOGO cloth in the bottom 07301615, with the same positive seal: seal box bottom cloth printed on the back: AIR, JORDAN 9, RETRO, F38429, M, S, 9#, , right AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO midsole is an integral midsole will slow down the overall technology package NIKE AIR air cushion sole US 9/42.5 NIKE AIR air cushion sole ca. 80.02 mm US 9/42.5 NIKE AIR air cushion sole width of about 79.71 mm The arch TPU support plate is the form that exists with the midsole, and the incised middle portion of the arch is removed from the arch TPU support plate on the arch TPU support board: AJ8 7-115, L, left 7 US 9/42.5 arch, TPU support plate, ca. 59.44 mm, US 9/42.5 arch TPU support plate, width ca. 26 mm, US 9/42.5 arch, TPU support plate, thickness about 2.84 mm, NIKE AIR back cushion US 9/42.5 as NIKE air AIR ca. 76.63 mm US 9/42.5 as NIKE air AIR about 57.72 mm wide US 9/42.5 locates in the middle of bottom outsole + 17.15 mm thick US 9/42.5 in the bottom +〉