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Immersed in the joy of the birth of 30th anniversary Jordan Brand, we continue to release a wave of engraved shoes but also did not forget to get rid of. This pair of shoes Jordan Rising High is the actual new work will be formally released, this shoe body from the 14.5 Jordan shape design Flight Time, and the air hole flank to better radiating effect with the same diamond, finally Jodan CP3 and Podulon Huan Zhenzhong. item: 768931-002 jordan-rising-high-new-black-anthracite-02.jpg (110.81 KB, download number: 17) download Jordan Rising High 2015-6-15 23:52 upload jordan-rising-high-new-black-anthracite-03.jpg (96.22 KB, download number: 32) download Jordan Rising High 2015-6-15 23:52 upload jordan-rising-high-new-black-anthracite-04.jpg (102 KB, download number: 29) download Jordan Rising High 2015-6-15 23:52 upload jordan-rising-high-new-black-anthracite-01.jpg (30.86 KB, download number: 29) download Jordan Rising High 2015-6-15 23:52 upload Jordan, 00Bulls point guard Jimm Butler in this year's performance is very eye-catching, January 4th against the Toronto Raptors game in the second half, only get 40 points, break by Michael Jordan half score record; with Philadelphia in January 15th 76 in the showdown is scored 53 points, even Derrick Rose are said to be stepping down. Let people sit up and take notice of Jimmy Butler also won the Jordan Brand approval, this is the brand will launch personal signature Air Jordan series, from the figure we can determine the covering cap and short Tee, more exciting, let us wait and see. jimmy-butler-jordan-brand-michael-jordan.jpg (185.2 KB, download number: 15) download Jimmy Butler Air Jordan series of the upcoming release of 2016-2-11 10:12 upload jimmy-butler-air-jordan-collection.jpg (457.5 KB, download number: 8) download Jimmy Butler Air Jordan series of the upcoming release of 2016-2-11 10:12 upload Jimmy, the Toronto raptors, Chicago, Michael, Jordan 000.jpg (124.95 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 15:32 1.jpg (155.55 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 15:32 2.jpg (219.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 15:32 3.jpg (173.1 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-10-8 upload at 15:32 11_201003090007364L5O0.jpg (107.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-10 08:57 upload 11_201003090007363E5Cc.jpg (78.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-10 08:57 upload 11_201003090007362kriR.jpg (119.72 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-10 08:57 upload 11_201003090007361UpFB.jpg (124.99 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-10 08:57 upload[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] "Nike" is old, "Zara" just red, in this magical window of a shopping center, who is the protagonist of the next ? "Look, Uniqlo to open it! Liqing patted her husband's hand to the cart, slightly excitedly. This live near Beijing Su Cheap air jordans for sale bway Batong Liyuan station every weekend to take white-collar couples a subway station, the only one to Tongzhou Carrefour purchasing ingredients week this year in February, paving the entrance of Carrefour most prominently suddenly surrounded the enclosure, the words "uniqlo opening soon" on the enclosure, and before Nike flagship store has been quietly disappear. "more convenient in the future, buy food but also the way to see the clothes." 28-year-old Li Qing to work in an advertising company, like many young female white-collar workers, like the closet covered with Zara, H & amp; M and Uniqlo (Uniqlo) clothes. Nike shop withdrawal seems little effect on the couple. "Nike's too expensive, kick off is also worthwhile," Li Qing's husband said that he usually wore casual clothes, in places like Uniqlo can buy, but cheaper. For consumers who directed "fashion, leisure," and buy Nike, Adidas and other sports brands is, they now want to maintain the "brand loyalty" is indeed an excessive requirement. Many European and American fast fashion brands to enter China in the past years concentrated, almost all of a sudden in the core business district and the fashion district of a second-tier cities have erected their huge billboards and English letters Logo. Exquisite shop decoration, open display, dazzling style, fast upper and lower frames of goods, we can not wait to let Li Qing every weekend to look around. Since it is a consumer favorite, then they would let it be seen, touched, the most direct way is simply to seize the superior position, to open shops. Rules of market economy in the field of fast moving consumer goods was particularly direct and ruthless, the relationship between the brand and the store property side can become Laoyanfenfei overnight by a honeymoon. "The pavement is very popular here." A new property management personnel Tongzhou Sun Life Plaza said. Although located in the suburbs, but the Carrefour covers almost the entire population of Tongzhou district, most of them white-collar work in the urban family, stronger purchasing power. For the property side, Uniqlo can bring value now clearly beyond Nike. Withdrawal This is not an accidental Nike store. Jingtonggaosu along the way west, in the heart of Beijing's Wangfujing Street, Nike's first flagship store in China could not escape the misfortune of being deported. Beijing apm mall general manager Cai Zhiqiang said: "Nike will withdraw after the full lease, and another fast-fashion brand (meaning H & amp; M) will be settled, then we here fast fashion brand is almost complete up." Opportunity in August 2007, in order to catch the Olympic concept means "may bring, one year ahead of Nike's most iconic significance in Beijing Wangfujing opened a large flagship store. This shop occupies three street pavement, an area of ??1100 square meters, after the opening was a great hit. Today, a huge glass door is still bright, but the shuttle was less than in the store next door guests Zara, Forever21 and other brands. "Because the location is good, Nike's sales actually pretty good They also want to renew, but we do not want the. "Beijing apm Leasing Manager ? Cheap jordans online ??? said. This Hong Kong's Sun Hung Kai Properties shopping malls since a few years ago to determine the young, trendy location, the initiative for the investment of the brand made a series of adjustments. expelled Nike sports brand may make a public heart sad. Just four or five years, they are still commercial real estate project investment competition for the object, and even now some very successful shopping center and commercial district originally "hero." But the last two or three years, the Chinese sporting goods industry bottomed out from its peak, even as Nike, the world's biggest sports brands such can not stay. 2013 second quarter (September 2012 to November 2012), its sales in China fell to 11% among the first in the global market. Prior to the past 10 quarters, Nike in China, there are six quarters of double-digit growth. In stark contrast to the fast fashion brand of triumph. In the latest earnings report, China is not only the H & amp; M most profitable market, also contributed to sales growth in the international market for 70% and 48% of total earnings growth is Uniqlo. Zara is one of the most efficient retail store floor in China's retail industry. And for a commercial real estate project, the brand portfolio and brand portfolio with the trends of the flexible adjustment of its success, to maintain the vitality of the lifeline. In simple terms, a mall in each category of the main store, it must be relevant in the field of "leader" brand. This brand is always a minority, Chinese commercial real estate in recent years has explosive growth, a new project in the country have mushroomed rise, so this fight wars intensified big brands. fast fashion shock Nike may have the same fate as well as its rival Adidas go hand in hand. The evening of 8 August 2008, when Li Ning lit the Olympic torch vacated when he probably did not think this beam can shine to far places. Including Li Ning sports brand in China then entered the sales peak. At that time, the two market-leading sports brands - Nike and Adidas are hoping ride the Olympic wave in the market share of top spot. The former chose Wangfujing, who set their sights on Sanlitun. July 2008, Adidas in new projects in Hong Kong Swire Properties Sanlitun village out of the world's largest flagship store, covering an area of ??over 3,000 square meters, is about 1.5 times its previous largest store in Paris's Champs Elysees store. "At that time the market are based on a sports theme, sports brand to other brands have a great role in promoting investment." DTZ North China commercial real estate services director and director Caier Hu said that almost all the sports brands are crazy shop, the shop is also much larger scale than before the 200-300 square meters of standard, mostly in the form flagship store appears. Why is willing heady Adidas largest flagship store will be located in a newly opened commercial real estate projects? Analysis of the industry, Sanlitun has always been a gathering place for the young and trendy crowd, earlier settled there Uniqlo, Esprit's Esprit, etc. popular brands, as well as Apple's first retail stores in China, can produce very good Cheap foamposites for sale aggregation effect; in addition, Swire Properties' operating experience in commercial projects is a good endorsement. Adidas influence on young consumers Sanlitun village to bring the value is self-evident, of course, gives the Sanlitun village optimal position and pavement cooperation provisions. period of time after the opening, a young man passing any Sanlitun, will surely be the shining quiet blue shiny big cube is impressive, the exterior wall "adidas" letters seemed to have a natural fashion evocative . To echo customized sneakers, "the world's largest flagship store" and equipped, "Sports butler" and the concept of service, leaving but myself have a position here. "At that time, if you did not go to Sanlitun custom pair of Adidas sneakers, with my friends less of a conversation." Sanlitun is often removed from the Internet practitioners Chen Min memories. In 2008 he enrolled in a university in Beijing. In the Sanlitun village south of a row of tiles, and Adidas is Uniqlo neighboring buildings and Esprit orange red Menlian. Strong color impact this trend has become the land of first impression. "At that time, people are gathered in this area southernmost village." Chen Min said. And now, it seems unable to retain people of the south entrance, it degenerated into a block into the inside passage. "I grew up might be," he now prefers to go inside the cafe and restaurant with friends, occasional stroll izzue and Clavin Klein menswear. is true, even if it is a weekend afternoon to Sanlitun village, Adidas and Esprit inevitably doors to cold. Esprit has been the performance of five consecutive years in the doldrums, Adidas Greater China sales growth also began to slow in 2012. As if they belong to the era is gone, only two stores legacy, seemed so out of date. In their back of a rally adept known US fashion brand Hollister is preparing for opening. Hollister is the first big American leisure brands A & amp; F (Abercrombie & amp; Fitch) 's cards, the Chinese market is also coming fashion brands, go sand surfing route last March in Beijing Meeting Mall Phoenix debut, Sanlitun shop is its second store in Beijing. Over time, whether Adidas and Nike, faces deportation dilemma property side? Associate Director of Public Affairs, Swire Properties Luxue Hui declined to give the exact answer. "Pacific have private talk that they are not able to adjust the position and narrow area. Of course, it is still within the lease, just doing relevant coordination, in the end they do not know will not withdraw." ????? he said. Sports brand of heat has passed, developers no longer wish to be a partial movement of the overall image, of course, will be considered after the lease expires replace more trend brand. sports brand of the recession is only the evolution of the history of Chinese consumption in a microcosm. Nike, Adidas is the "foreign brand" Chinese people first come into contact with a real sense of a beginning was marked by "fashion" baked cherry 1990s, live the American NBA and other sports programs were introduced in China, for sports stars Worship also greatly facilitate the movement of consumer brands. But as more a cheap foamposites nd more truly fashionable color brands to enter China, and a new generation of consumers individual pursuit, these sports brand's fashion sense was gradually watered down, he began to return to a more primitive "movement" attribute. "Each brand has its own life cycle," executive director of Core Yide Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd. Nie Qi Bing said, "shopping center want to maintain the vitality and fashionable image, we must continue to update the investment brand." The Commercial real estate veteran who has been involved in the investment part of Shin Kong and other famous commercial projects. earlier than the sports brand is the trend of the impact of mid-range fashion brands such as Esprit, which also includes the Group's Ling induced Only, Verymoda, Jack Jones, South Korea Attachment Group Eland, Teenie Weenie, Daphne and Belle its a niche brand. After about 2005 years ago by these brands primarily in the brand collection is almost a second-tier city shopping centers and department stores "standard configuration", is the purpose of people's minds strong buy objects. But by 2009, in order to fast fashion brand as the representative of foreign brands invasion disrupted the original ecology. fast fashion brand successful on a global scale is not difficult to understand. They make every ordinary person to experience the most cutting-edge clothing trends in personalized Loge also choose to hide design philosophy. In contrast, prices and styles do not have the advantages of these two mid-range brand of fall is not surprising. Chen Lin positive business co-head of Asia-Pacific region will Permira this brand called "sandwich." "People of consumer attitudes in the past 10 years has changed a lot," he saw the trend is that consumers either buy big luxury, either buy fast fashion brand, was also happy to mix and match the two, at the same time highlight the identity and quality, but also the pursuit of novelty. As a result, before the "standard configuration" in some of its vitality is not strong enough brand gradually lose "leader" status, including the withdrawal from the central business district, the pavement was moved to a more senior position, or strategic focus shifts to fast fashion brands have not yet touched the small city market. For example, the first batch of investment Sanlitun village brands, Only and Verymoda was the flagship brand, and now has disappeared, the Hong Kong IT Group's many brands will occupy the moment large position Sanlitun village of North and South. "Some brands will be positioned according to their own situation and take the initiative to make adjustments, such as Daphne and Shoebox its sister brand in the channel was transferred to a rented area next to a large supermarket." DTZ China region and director of commercial real estate services director Chen Song Hong Say. After the well-known play out, the demand for flagship brand image will be weakened, so do shop also save costs, reduce the financial pressure. Next, the e-commerce - especially the rise of overseas purchasing will further catalyze China's consumption upgrade. Through the network, information is passed more quickly, Ch Retro jordans for sale inese consumers are able to reach more foreign brands. If you are in China's largest online marketplace - Taobao and Alibaba search keywords appear most entries must be among the most popular brand, is the most discussed brands, some of them have not even opened an entity in China shop. Therefore, the network has become a test of foreign brands in China this wilderness most convenient channels. "At a certain category of contemporary shopping, brand definitely will consider Chinese market. If you do not come, it may be that they think the time is not ripe." Nie Qi Bing said. In her view, the future will certainly be more and more foreign brands to carve Zara's market, China is entering a crowded "scuffle" period. This gives the commercial real estate developers to bring more fresh choices and opportunities to stand out, but there is a pattern of little status but also for the industry cast a veil of mystery. The new protagonist betting 2012 early spring in March, early in the morning six or seven points, also reveals a chilly mist, Phoenix Meeting Mall outside people have piled up, they are waiting for the opening of the first store in Beijing Hollister. This brand of foreign male model naked bust serves as the opening theme, in the capital became a hit. To the scene of the young girl competing with male model photo, and upload photos to social networking sites like Sina Weibo. "Hollister opening day is the best day of popularity since the exchange opened in Phoenix," a property management personnel of the Phoenix Mall Department said. Phoenix mall where Sanyuanqiao region sinks to the main office, not a mature business district. Phoenix exchange project itself has just started, a lot of people because of the opening of Hollister first heard of the "Phoenix sink" these three words. China has just set foot on foreign brands, its success remains to be the test of time, beginning to settle the core business district is also not easy. Thus, with good performance in the Phoenix sinks, Hollister will open a second store in Beijing Sanlitun village also seems more logical. Relationship between brand and commercial real estate projects will always be both mutual and game, and each wants to find a way to maximize their own interests in the partnership, but the reality is often a lot of constraints. When Zara first entered the Chinese market, out conditions for cooperation harsh enough to make commercial real estate developers gasped. It is not only the best of the pavement, security at the end of rent also approximately equal to zero, and even party to the property nor sales point deduction to 10%, almost unchanged from the luxury brand. While department store sales in the same route take the big brands, the deduction will be 20%. In this case, although Zara was born the world's leading fashion group, very few dare to rush to receive commercial real estate projects. This is because once the contract has been signed for several years, if Zara sales are not ideal, it will become a hot potato to throw off. Later, the fact is, Zara in early 2006 in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai opened the first store in China in one shot. The same year by the end of the Spring Festival period, the store set a single-day single-store sales of 800,000 yuan amazing performance, equal to 80 days of similar Chinese clothing brand sales. Since then, the country's commercial real estate projects are beginning to throw an olive branch to it. among the first to participate in the negotiations and solicit home developers also suffered sweetness. "Fast fashion brand, especially like to get together to shop, one settled, often to other brands have a strong leading role." Nie Qi Bing said. In Zara's third stores in Shanghai location Shanghai Super Brand Mall, for example, it has gathered from Zara, H & amp; M, C & amp; A and Uniqlo clothing brand these four trends. It is under intense competition and a shopping center differentiation strategy more clearly in the background, associated with the investment team began the initiative to invite the right brand to enter, even to analyze, identify the next possible protagonist. This is the case in the past era department store door to wait for a completely different brand. And how to bet correctly, it is still a very subtle art. Parkview Group's experience: first to focus on design and cultural connotation of a brand, because consumers are now focusing on the spirit of consumption; secondly, to see the brand in China there are no expansion plans. The Hong Kong real estate family business to its first urban complex project built in Beijing. Parkview Green shopping center began trial operation in September last year. Why guess when most consumers are still inside the building when this building was a large triangle, the trend is most acute in a small circle - the fashion media circles, a message has spread like wildfire: H & amp; M Group The high-end brands COS come to China. Parkview Group let COS Grass mall in the country came to a place where the first store, this herb to Marketing Department Deputy Director Lin Zeng quite proud of, "Since the opening of this acclaimed brand." Sex and the City "in a Actress Samantha said first stars are sought after, followed by the girls love, and then the whole world knows. "opinion leaders to get a sense for a brand like the Normandy landings, the next step is Yimapingchuan. Early in the 1990s, the Parkview Group has bought the Grass land, until in 2000 decided to do a complete office buildings, hotels and shopping centers in the city complex. Initially Grass also want cooperation and international brands, but to carry out the project, with the Department of Beijing CBD and Shin Kong shopping malls and ITC has rapidly grown up, line luxury market space has been compressed. "I think we need to put this issue into a turnaround." Executive Director Huang Peixiu Parkview Group said, "then we would expect to find some very good, but there are no brands, at the same time by setting the flagship store and service let brand connotation better presented. " Huang Peixiu want him to build a new shopping center to benefit from the latest trends in consumption in China. McKinsey report shows that Chinese consumers are mature at an alarming rate, after the last round of old luxury bombing, more and more people began to not play like a low-key luxury, 49 percent of luxury buyers prefer to old in others to explore new brands and new styles. Second-tier big-name brands and emerging designers will likely usher in development opportunities. In Parkview Green investment brand, there are 50% of new faces, first entered China or Beijing. The risk of introduction of a new brand of course the big benefits is that if you are a brand's fans, this is the only place to go. In addition to the rich consumer, "luxury light" concept of the brand is the middle class is growing pursuit of quality of life, a new choice. While fast fashion brands to meet the people's desire for the trend, but its popularity can not highlight the unique taste positioning. Market segmentation between affordable fashion and the big line between being formed. Therefore, Zara parent company Inditex Group and H & amp; M Group under the high-end brand potential should come. Before COS, 2012 ?? 8 ??, Inditex Group's high-end brand Uterque The Place in Beijing opened its first store; the group's other high-end brands Massimo Dutti is already came to China in 2009, now Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen has three stores. This brand is likely to be sought after the shopping center next target. In fact, 10 years ago, some buy hand-made boutiques have tried to second-tier big-name and designer brands to China, such as Lane Crawford, IT, but they are always divorced from China's mainstream consumer circles. However, the turning point has come, can be used as proof of the rapid expansion in recent years, the IT group in mainland China. This "brand incubator" has made use of a unique vision created many miracles in the cultivation of foreign brands, from the initial Martin shoes to Alexander & middot; McQueen (Alexander McQueen) and Rei Kawakubo designer brand Comme des Garcins. Now, in the Sanlitun North village, you'll find a lot of IT Group to introduce designer brands. With respect to the bustling southern district of North atmosphere is very quiet, too few customers, the interval between the single-family small building looked very empty. Young is not the same trend and South, the North for more mature and the pursuit of quality of life of consumers. Here is another piece of the secret world yet to be developed. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)Hyperdunk based real basketball shoes Nike's finally released the 2017 version of the design, the continuation of the appearance design low-key and practical, to provide a more robust performance of the game. At first glance Hyperdunk 2017 you will find it low-key, even a bit small, special engineering knit uppers similar to Flyknit and provides a new Lunar package feeling comfortable, the bottom is more light and soft, good feedback every force, cushioning effect will become more and more obvious. Similar to the previous generations, including 2017 Nike Hyperdunk based models and low version, priced at $140 and $130, in August this year, officially on sale. , after watching LEBRON 14, let's look at the new news for KYRIE 3. This pair is called "samurai" don't note KYRIE 3 to the black / White / red tone, but the most prominent is the incarnation of the Katana blade Swoosh and "Yong" and "ritual" calligraphy characters. It is reported that this shoe has SNKRS and App ahead of shelves and sold out, the current domestic synchronization time not known, but estimates so DYF full design, believe it will make a lot of friends in China is quite buy it.Nike 2013 Fall Winter sports players Air Max 1 FB Woven series 2013-11-05 10:05:19 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: highsnobiety] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network November 5 hearing, Nike has launched a special edition contains two Air Max FB Woven series 1. The series are black and white in two versions, where the black version is equipped with a black leopard and a diamond textured black patent leather structure, while another uses artificial leather with perforated mesh all-white configuration, coupled with a silver patent leather Nike logo is completed. Details two shoes are lined with dark brown on all white Air Max midsole with brown rubber outsole. (Media Partner: clothing with) & nbsp; Related news[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Recently, the internationally renowned Sportlifestyle brand PUMA launched the Mobium Elite innovation landed Rams shiny shoes. PUMA Mobium Elite is available with a retractable foot movement while jogging new functional sports shoes. On the day, try new products will be passionate Tianhe south of the square, fluorescent green, sun red, silver gray three colors black running shoes with fashionable appearance and super intrinsic function, allowing guests to experience live heart. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)Sports players adidas Originals 2014 Spring Summer Holiday Series 2014-01-08 10:39:54 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: kidulty] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes network Jan. 8 hearing, adidas Originals 2014 spring and summer with rich colors and fashion elements Mix & amp; Match, mix and match the dynamic and stylish new holiday series, offers the best choice for the holiday dress. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In the new spring and summer 2014 holiday series, a variety of popular elements are utilized. 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